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• 3/30/2018


The Shakespeare Wikia has been terribly dry for at least two years - are any of the admins still active?
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• 1/10/2019

Twelfth Night is a banger of a novel, and it was a great novel in it’s time. But does it still hold up? Nah fam. It’s a drag to get through, the english has aged about as well as XXX Tentation, and the characters are irrelevant and dumb, unlikable and cruel. The only good thing about this failure of a novel is the fact that it ends. They should ban this book because of how bad this useless piece of junk is. Whoever decided to abridge this book is a troglodyte unworthy of love. Honestly, who can even tolerate this. This book is depressingly dumb, and I can guarantee that it is the lead cause of rubbing alcohol being consumed in large quantities.

Thanks for reading my essay!

• 1/11/2019

He's right you know

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