Antonio is the Merchant of Venice. He is very good friends of Bassanio. His other friends include Salerio, Salanio, Gratiano and Lorenzo. His enemy is the money-lender Shylock. Antonio is the only main character who does not find love.

Antonio and Shylock:Edit

Antonio and Shylock are enemies. Antonio doesn't like Shylock because he is a jew- and Jews were spat on and ridiculed at that time. Antonio is very cruel to Shylock because he abuses Shylock emotionally and physically. Antonio spits on Shylock and he embarrasses Shylock in the Rialto. Antonio also lends money out to his friends without interest which makes Shylock hate him even more. WHICH is pretty logical,when you think about it.

Bassanio needed 3000 ducats from Antonio so he could go to Belmont to be a suitor of Portia. Antonio didn't have the money because his ships were still out at sea-an overseas venture. Antonio tells Bassanio to go to Shylock and ask to borrow the 3000 ducats in Antonio's name. Shylock refuses to give Bassanio the money for he wants to see Antonio. When Antonio arrives, Shylock devises a plan to get revenge on Antonio. Shylock then introduces the idea of Antonio giving a pound of his flesh to Shylock if he fails to pay back Shylock within 3 months. Antonio accepts to this because he thought that his ships would make it back in 3 months.

 Later on, Antonio's friend will steal Jessica, Shylock's daughter .

Antonio finds out that his ships are lost at sea. When Shylock finds out, he has officers arrest Antonio because Antonio will not he able to pay off the debt. At that point in the play, Antonio has given up because he thinks that there is no way out of this situation.

During the Trial Scene, Portia is able to save Antonio because Shylock had a flaw in the bond he and Antonio signed. Antonio ends up getting free but makes Shylock convert to Christianity and to leave his money to Jessica and Lorenzo when he dies.

The end.