The young prince Edward V is a character that appears in Shakespeare's Historical&nbsp

Richard III. Edward V is referred to as Prince in the script. He is the oldest son of Edward IV and Queen Elizabeth Woodeville.


Edward V is the third child and first son of Edward IV and Elizabeth Woodeville. He has two older sisters, one of whom is named Elizabeth as well. He has 7 younger sibling, among them a brother named Richard of Shrewsburry. Edward seems to be fond of his brother, as he asks for him when he arrives in London.

Identity CrisisEdit

Prince Edward V is often confused with the older Prince Edward, son of King Henry VI, the King before Edward IV. However, the older Prince Edward only appears once as a ghost. To take away the confusion, many plays label them as:

Prince Prince Edward V, son of Edward IV

Prince Edward Prince Edward son of Henry VI

Only the older Edward has the name "Edward" actually added to his name. It is very easy to tell them apart onstage however, as the older Prince Edward is a young adult, while the younger Prince Edward is a child.


Despite being at the tender age of 12, the Prince shows remarkable wisdom and intelligence. He and his brother are possibly the most intelligent characters in the play, as they are of the few who see through Richard's deceitfulness and the only ones who can match their vicious uncle in wordplay. Without even having heard of the consequences in London, the prince from the very beginning rightly assumes that Richard is a liar and a villain, however the fact that he keeps it to himself later proves beneficial for Richard. He is religious, as Tyrrel mentions he died with a bible and rosary near him.


Edward, along with his 10-year-old brother Richard, is smothered in the tower under his wicked uncle Gloucester's orders. He later comes back to haunt Richard in his sleep, along with the older Prince Edward, Henry VI, Hastings, Clarence, Rivers, Grey, Vaughan, Richard of Shrewsburry, Lady Anne, and Buckingham.