The Tempest is a romance/tragicomedy play written by William Shakespeare sometime between 1610–1611. It is regarded as the final play he wrote in his lifetime (he did write The Two Noble Kinsmen afterwards, but he co-wrote it with John Fletcher). While it was largely ignored when it was first performed, it has since risen in popularity with many arguing it as one of Shakespeare's best. Being his "final" play, it has many parallels to the Bard's life with many viewing the protagonist , Prospero, as a metaphor for Shakespeare himself.

Plot Overview Edit

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Characters Edit

  • Prospero, The rightful Duke of Milan
  • Miranda, Prospero's daughter
  • Ariel, A sprite in the service of Prospero
  • Caliban, Sycorax's son, now in service to Prospero
  • Ferdinand, Alonso's son
  • Alonso, The King of Naples
  • Sebastian, Alonso's brother
  • Antonio, Prospero's brother, usurper Duke of Milan
  • Gonzalo, A kindly Neapolitan courtier
  • Adrian, A lord serving under Alonso
  • Francisco, A lord serving under Alonso
  • Trinculo, The King's jester and friend of Stephano
  • Stephano, The King's drunken butler and friend of Trinculo
  • Juno, The chief Roman goddess
  • Ceres, Roman goddess of agriculture
  • Iris, Greek goddess of the sea and sky
  • Master, Master of the boat carrying Alonso and his court
  • Boatswain, Servant of the master
  • Sycorax, An Algerian sorceress, now dead